Official Certification

Would you like to use German documents abroad or submit documents from non-EU countries to German authorities?

In order to be able to use the deeds and documents, it is necessary to apply for an apostille at the relevant authority in Germany or to carry out the legalization process by the German representative office abroad.

The legalization of a foreign public document or the granting of an apostille are associated with considerable time and expenses.

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An apostille is known as an authentication form in the international exchange of documents. German public documents, which are intended to be used abroad, need to be granted with an apostille. Often a certified translation of the document or the pre-authentication of the document is necessary.

For example, you want to use a birth certificate in Iraq. This requires the certification of the deed by the district government or the provincial council and the subsequent granting of an apostille by the Federal Office of Administration.

Subsequently, the certified translation of the certificate is necessary.

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Official Certification

The legalization is the authentication of a foreign document by authorities. For example, if a Syrian marriage certificate was legalized by the German Embassy in Beirut, it assures the German authorities of the validity of this document.

In order to be legalized, the certificates must fulfill certain standards. Therefore, for example, the translation in certified form, as well as the certification by the issuing Foreign Ministry are necessary.

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Certified translations

Would you like to use your certificate issued by a German authority abroad, or your foreign certificate in Germany? For the issuance of the apostille, as well as the application for legalization, the certified translation of the document is necessary.

The accuracy and completeness of the certified translations are confirmed by an authorized translator. These can be used by authorities, courts or educational institutions.

Our translators are authorized by the respective higher regional courts and confirm the completeness and correctness of the translation with their signature and stamp.

Consulting & Service

Do you want to legalize your documents, or do you need a translation with an apostille?

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